UT Bellmont Hall Project

AUSTIN, TX — July 21, 2017 Bilt Rite Scaffold recently began erection of over 500,000 cubic feet of system scaffold that plans to completely wrap Bellmont Hall, the West Façade of the Darrell K. Royal Stadium at The University of Texas in Austin. The University has partnered with Mid-Continental Restoration and KBL Restoration to complete a total building rejuvenation of Bellmont Hall that began May 6th, 2017 and will continue until August 26th of this year.

Once completed, “The UT Bellmont project may be one of the largest system scaffold ever erected in Central Texas.” says Chris Kelley, CEO and General Manager of Bilt Rite Scaffold. “Traditionally a project this large would be contracted out to a nationwide company but with our growing inventory and skilled team we knew we were the most suitable applicant for this project”.

The project is set to span over 4 months and will be erected over several phases. Each phase consists of scaffolding measuring 5’ in width, sections 30’ to 300’ in length and heights ranging anywhere from 130’ to 170’. Currently over 600 linear feet have been erected. In addition to the scaffold, multiple Beta Max Hoists, I-Beam bridges, pedestrian protection, and debris netting were incorporated into the scaffolding and multiple stair towers were added for access. The project will total over 10,000 man hours for the scaffold erection and dismantle alone. Twenty 18 wheelers of material will be brought in over the span of the job. Scaffold Today, a distributor based in Houston, has coordinated with Bilt Rite to make their entire scaffolding inventory available for this massive build.

Bilt Rite’s project leadership team has said their largest obstacles when approaching this venture have been the sheer size and design of the plan coupled with the logistics of working on an active campus. This build dwarfs the average scaffold plans ranging from 30’ to 50’ in height that contractors usually request. Typically, large projects like these are done in much smaller phases over larger periods of time. Due to the time constraints, this scaffold had to be erected all at once. The Bellmont Hall scaffolding incorporates over 500 tons of scaffold material and if stretched end to end would span 50 miles in length. The engineering plans for the project had to incorporate the curvature of the stadium while also accounting for the imposing vertical columns spaced all along the wall.

ABOUT BILT RITE SCAFFOLD- Founded in 2006 by Charles Kelley and under the direction and leadership of his son Chris Kelley since 2014, Bilt Rite Scaffold has risen to become the premier scaffold company in Central Texas. In addition to their large project at the University of Texas, Bilt Rite has many other long term projects that incorporate thousands of linear feet across multiple commercial and industrial sites, including several other universities. With an eye on the future, Bilt Rite plans to expand along the I-35 corridor to become the most prestigious scaffold company in Texas.

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