Word is getting out!

Construction News recently stopped by to learn more about Bilt Rite Scaffold and the latest offshoot: Bilt Rite Insulation.  Click here to read the full story.

Just turned 10!

We’ve made it past the first 10 years, looking ahead to the next 1,000.

For those of us who remember the meager beginnings of Bilt Rite Scaffold, the last 10 years seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye.  The truth is that they have been 10 years filled with joy and pain and a whole lot to be proud of.  Its not a “rags to riches” story, more like a “rags to slightly better rags with our name on them” story but one that everyone here has been happy to take part in.

To our clients, we thank you for giving us the chance to serve you, for allowing us the opportunity to teach the new guys working for us what customer service is supposed to mean, for challenging us with some oddball scaffold needs requiring tricky designs, for letting us show the world the difference between scaffold and scaffold that is Bilt Rite.  We promise to be here for your future scaffold needs.

To our vendors who took a chance on a little scaffold company long ago, who gave credit where others wouldn’t and who were patient with the new guy on the block, thank you.  As we grew so did our needs and so did the amounts on the bills we paid off.  We promise to keep doing business with you to show you that loyalty is still a useful virtue.

To our employees, those whom without we would not have made it past year 1 let alone this far:  Thank you for learning the Bilt Rite way of scaffold building, for being willing to work as long and as hard  as was needed to take care of our clients’ needs, for being proud to wear Bilt Rite blue, for keeping us going one more year.  We promise you that hard work will always be rewarded well.

And finally, to the rest of the scaffold needing companies and people of Texas that have not yet tried us out:  We’ve been here 10 years so far and we plan to be here when you finally decide to call on us, just try not to wait another 10 years.