Bilt Rite Gets Creative in San Angelo

AUSTIN, TX – April 11, 2018 – What happens when the engineers tell you it’s impossible? You call Bilt Rite! 2 months at the drawing board and collaboration with 3 engineering firms is what it took to make this one possible. Bilt Rite Scaffold partnered with Alufase Aluminum Scaffold out of Spain to provide multiple aerial solutions on an existing roof for HOAR Construction. The new addition to Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, Texas is currently underway. But adding additional infrastructure to an operating medical center comes with a handful of challenges.

Re-shoring was not an option for several elevations as the space below was being used by hospital operations. A unique cantilevered scaffold was erected in an area so no weight would be distributed to roof below. Heavy duty Steel I-beams used in conjunction with Aluminum Scaffold were provided to direct weight to correct load paths on roof with 15 psf capacity.

Bilt Rite’s rigging expertise allowed us to hoist 1/2 ton beams up to the roof to be installed according to the engineered design. Each pick was performed in under 5 minutes and with no crane, as approval would delay the project and would cost the building owner extra expenses. Bilt Rite simply didn’t want to do that!

Where re-shoring was an option, post shores were the perfect solution due to their speed of install and strength ratings. System scaffold and Alufase Aluminum scaffold were erected up to roof level for the siding, waterproofing and masonry contractors. Stair towers and mast lifts were additional aerial solutions provided for this project.

The Shannon Medical Center project put Bilt Rite’s building and engineering skills to the test. As usual we rose to the occasion and provided our client with the best possible aerial solutions.

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