System Scaffold

For Small and Large Jobs

Bilt Rite Scaffold specializes in ring-to-ring system scaffold. Unlike what most people are accustomed to thinking of as scaffold; frames attached by cross braces (we have those too, check out Frame Scaffold), system scaffold is composed of individual components that can be designed and constructed to fit virtually anywhere and for almost any purpose.

What We Offer

Our team will design the scaffold to fit your particular needs and erect it under the supervision of a certified Competent Person to meet OSHA standards. Each job is different and needs to be designed from the ground up so no generic pricing is available. Look below to see specific applications of system scaffold.

Stair Towers

Whether you just need to get to the roof or you need to practically touch the clouds, Bilt Rite can erect a stair tower for you. System stair towers are wide enough to allow two people to utilize them simultaneously, allowing for traffic to move up and down efficiently. (See more examples in the Projects Gallery.)

Pedestrian Walkways

Keeping pedestrians safe from overhead hazards is simple with our pedestrian walkways. Constructed from a system scaffold frame and wrapped with white wood. Lights are provided in the interior.

Platform Scaffolds

Deck platforms (nicknamed “Dance Floors” because of the smooth, even expanse) are great for many projects from working on a ceiling to adding an extra temporary deck for entertaining or events.

Trash Chutes

Bilt Rite Offers two options for debris removal from your job site: Our heavy-duty industrial trash chute and the lighter “Poly” chute. Our heavy-duty trash chutes are constructed of wood within a system scaffold frame. Built to withstand the rigors of daily use as well as the elements, our trash chutes can be built to accommodate any number of debris access points and pitches to the receptacle.


Sometimes it’s not about getting up to your work but getting underneath it. That is where shoring comes in. Utilizing system scaffold, shoring frames and steel beams, your project will be securely supported.


Keeping material in or out of a location can be a tricky feat. Utilizing scaffold as the skeleton for a containment system can bring a quick solution.

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