Motorized Equipment

For Small and Large Jobs

Bilt Rite has the solution to any of your aerial needs. Motorized equipment provides safe and fast access to the highest environments. Material hoists and elevators also reduce man lines up and down scaffold, therefore minimizing potential risks of injury. Depending on your project’s needs, Bilt Rite can provide the right solution.

Swing Stages

Our Altrex work platform, paired with our Bisomac Hoists, allow our clients the ability to have suspended stages with lengths of 6’ to 40’ and working heights of up to 200’. This system provides an exceptional aerial solution for a variety of trades.


Our Geda P22 Multilift has the capability of transporting 4400lbs to heights of over 600’ with programable, automatic, and multi-floor stops. The Geda P22 is an excellent aerial solution for large scale projects.

Material Hoists

Our selection of Geda and Beta Max material hoist products allow clients the ability to mobilize material from the ground level to heights of over 200’ in some applications, with load capacities ranging from 100 to 600lbs. Our hoists never never get tired or need days off!

Power Masts

The ReechCraft Power Mast is a great aerial solution tool for your mid to high access needs. With the power mast users can efficiently access heights up to 200 feet for a variety of wall access needs.