Frame Scaffold

For Small and Large Jobs

Small contractors, general contractors, ambitious homeowners. Anyone with a need to get up in the air and do it themselves is looking for Frame scaffold. From a simple platform to help you paint that high wall to a stair tower to reach a chimney and everything in between Frame scaffold has multiple uses and best of all is simple enough to erect yourself. Of course, we do offer erection services on Frame scaffold as well.
We carry a variety of sizes to match your job need. We can rent an entire run of scaffold or just the pieces you need to augment the scaffold you already have. Why rent when you can buy? We sell our scaffold and can order new scaffold for you if that is what you need. Perfect for small, medium and even large jobs (See our Projects Gallery!) frame scaffold can get you in the air to do the work you need to, often at a fraction of the cost of system scaffold. If you need only a small work area but need it to move, adding casters is a snap! Now you can take the scaffold to the work. Working indoors? Consider using baker scaffold. Easy up, easy down: Each unit comes complete with wheels, deck, adjustable legs and guard rails. It is designed to fit through interior doorways allowing you to move it from one room to another.

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